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Let’s get you to moving day

When you start looking for a home, the first thing you find is people with a lot of opinions. It's important to ignore everyone except those who provide sound advice.  As a buyer, you can't possibly know all that is involved within a transaction and what to look out for. Therefore, you instill trust in the agent you work with to help guide you through the process and who has your best interests in mind.

As a buyer's REALTOR, I represent your best interests

Step-by-step assistance through every stage of the home-buying process, from purchase price evaluation to negotiation to attaining the lenders, attorneys, inspectors and other professional services.

Your interest and preferences are always my first consideration, from the moment you start looking to the moment you close.

Any REALTOR® can sell you a house...

But I look out for your best interests!  Whether it's a condo downtown, a fixer-upper first home or the home of your dreams, there are few things you might want to consider:

  • The size of the home you need
  • Your loan approval
  • Down payment options
  • Home inspection
  • The state of the neighbourhood
  • Proximity to work & schools
  • Which way do the windows face
  • State of offers on the house

Buying a home?

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